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Award winning Luxury in Noida, and of course the biggest master development around the city, where you will have birds for friends and trees for neighbors.

When you have your home in one of the 49 luxury condominiums of Marvella, overlooking magnificent vistas on all sides, your views simply have to be beautiful and grand.

28 levels of distinctive architecture of the majestic tower is a sight by itself, spiraling skywards, dramatically different from every angle you view.

At Marvella, we offer complete safety for your loved ones, as you keep yourself and your family safe, with the earthquake resistant structure, designed as per seismic V zone.

Energy efficient materials, air conditioning, lighting and controls. Low-emission paints. Landscaping irrigation. Solar water heating systems. Separation of recyclable and non-recyclable refuse. Carefully designed master plan and road network systems to reduce pollution. Dedicated spaces for bicycle. It’s all about living in harmony with nature, in more ways than one.

The stunning views from your Condominium will set your pulse racing, while the extraordinary service will soothe your senses, and three high speed elevators, only at your service

There’s no shortage of space outside your window. And it won’t take you long to appreciate the room in our rooms, the striking feature walls decorated with wallpaper or texture paint, and the imported marble floor that flow one space into another, while the temperature remains controllable, room-by-room.

Your own private space, exclusive to your needs, answering all your wants. Indulge in innovative interpretation of magnificence. This is Marvella. An intimate reflection of the urban chic lifestyle.

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