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Manorial Features

    Green building for healthier lifestyle

  • Fresh, clean air is like medicine and, with a golden certification by IGBC, Mahagun Manorial makes sure every home is equipped with pro-environmental facilities like solar heaters, horticulture, rainwater harvesting and much more, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for its residents.
  • Lavish Double Height entrance Lobby

  • Walking into the double height entrance lobby laid with Italian marble with high speed elevators with surely sweep your guests off their feet.
  • Double height/Greet living room

  • Your living room is a reflection of your grand personality. Make a statement and leave your guests awestruck.
  • Two master bedrooms

  • Designed with aesthetic appeal, personalised with fluffy pillows, a canopied bed and a soft carpet that gives you a feeling of walking on velvety grass, the bedrooms are your private places where you can not only relax but a place where all your dreams will come true.
  • State−of−the−art modular kitchen

  • Kitchen is the heart of every home and our state of the art modular kitchen serves all your cravings whenever you feel like it.
  • Luxurious lavish master wash room

  • Revitalise your senses in a bathroom here you can soak in a lavish tub or wash you’re your stress in separate cubicles for the shower.
  • Grand balconies

  • The condominiums/villaments balconies offer wide vistas of the landscaped greens, with uninterrupted view of the 18-hole golf course. The generous dimensions allow the influx of air and light which enhance the magic of the evenings and the peace of the mornings.
  • Hot and cold VRF

  • Often, we leave for work early in the morning and forget to adjust our thermostat. As a result, we come home to a house that is either too hot or too cold. To avoid this, every home in Manorial is equipped with the recognized VRF heating and cooling, an energy-efficient method of providing precise comfort control to indoor environments. The unsightky ducts are concealed in the ceiling with mirror finished wall mounted units.
  • Club

  • The Manorial Club features a gym, spa, pool, jacuzzi, along with state-of-the-art outdoor sports and recreational options.
  • Uninterrupted space for outdoor activities

  • Being outside is necessary for wellbeing and enjoyment of life. With green landscapes, pathways for children to play, recreational activities, a variety of different trees, shrubs and plants, you can cherish family time or hobbies in an absolute no vehicular environment on ground.
  • 24 hrs concierge service

  • Serviced luxury takes a whole new meaning at the Manorial. Be it a personal chauffeur by your side or a five-star chef in your kitchen; the dedicated concierge desk will make it happen
  • Build your home the way you want

  • We offer you a beautiful crafted bareshell and the freedom to create the rest of the space as you desire.
  • althier environment for its residents.

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